Travel in the post COVID 19 era

The COVID 19 pandemic has almost shut travel, with various countries enforcing travel restrictions and lockdown. It’s gradually becoming clear that the virus is going to be here for a while and that, life has to go on amidst the same. And so does travel.

Be it an official trip for work or a leisurely holiday needed to take a breather and destress, travel is a very essential activity that cannot be stopped. The tourism sector contributes about 8.1% of the total employment in India, creating about 5 crore jobs each year.

While the travel industry, hit hard by the pandemic, gets up and reinforces itself with precautionary measures to welcome guests, people are cautious, and rightly so. It is only caution that can protect us from the raging virus.


Palm Beach Hotel has always believed and worked towards the safety of all of our guests. Considering the current circumstances, we’ve compiled a few things that MUST be followed when traveling:


  1. Research about the destination:
    Read about your destination properly and check in the news for any information about the city. Avoid places that are near contaminated zones or have a large number of COVID positive cases. Stay away from public events and clusters.
  2. Make an inventory list:
    Prepare a list of essentials to ensure safe travel. Some general items such as sanitiser (with more than 60% alcohol content), disinfectant wipes or tissues, and a face mask, are the most focal precautionary measures. An organised list ensures that you do not miss anything necessary and potentially put yourself at risk.
  3. Be mindful of what you touch:
    It is important to be mindful of where you lay hands, especially when using devices or touching surfaces that others have used too such as ATMs, Escalators, Lifts etc.
    Be careful as to not touch your eyes, mouth, or nose with your hands after touching a surface that could be infected. Sanitise your hands often and be alert about your hand movements.
  4. Minimise Human Contact:
    Social distancing is the highly recommended precaution by scientists and governments worldwide. Interact with as few humans as possible and maintain distance. Try depending more on technology. With initiatives such as contactless dining, automated check-ins at airports etc, the need for human interaction is minimal.
    Avoid crowded places, markets, and events.
  5. Stay at home if you’re even mildly sick:
    Having a minor headache or a little cold could be ignored under normal circumstances. But with the raging pandemic around, even the smallest bit of ignorance can cost us dearly.

    If you’re suffering from even a mild symptom, stay at home. It is not only safer for you but for others as well, whom you might otherwise infect.

Pecautionary measures taken by The Palm Beach Hotel:

The Palm Beach Hotel has taken all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure absolute safety and a corona free stay for our guests.

We’ve listed below a few of the most vital, and safeguarding measures we’ve taken:

  1. Well trained staff:
    All our staff is well trained with the protocols and measures we’ve taken, and are provided with protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and sanitisers. The staff understands the importance of maintaining personal hygiene as well as following the social distancing protocols put in place. Members who aren’t feeling well are strictly advised to stay at home.
  2. Well sanitised & disinfected premises:
    Each corner of the hotel has been sanitised and disinfected, including the rooms and public areas. We’ve used the recommended chemicals to disinfect the entire premises of the hotel completely. 
  3. Temperature Checks & Contactless Check-In:
    All the people who enter the hotel are checked for their temperature. We’ve also made the entire check-in process seamless and contactless, reducing the need for human interaction.

It is a given that the pandemic might sustain for a long course of time and we’ve to habituate living amidst the same, carrying forward with life, travel, and other activities, with adequate care and caution.

The Palm Beach Hotel welcomes you to a safety assured stay, to help you destress and relax.

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